Influence and Possession By Supraphysical Entities

Having acknowledged the existence of beings and forces in worlds that are organised separately and on a different basis than the physical world, and the possibility of these forces to interact with and influence life and actions on earth, it becomes clear that the question of possible positive and negative influence even up to the possibility of possession comes into view.

Sri Aurobindo discusses some of these possibilities: “It is possible to receive help or guidance or harm or misguidance from these beings; it is possible even to become subject to their influence, to be possessed by their invasion or dominatin, to be instrumentalised by them for their good or evil purpose. At times the progress of earthly life seems to be a vast field of battle between supraphysical Forces of either character, those that strive to uplift, encourage and illumine and those that strive to deflect, depress or prevent or even shatter our upward evolution or the soul’s self-expression in the material universe. Some of these Beings, Powers or Forces are such that we think of them as divine; they are luminous, benignant or powerfully helpful: there are others that are Titanic, gigantic or demoniac, inordinate Influences, instigators or creators often of vast and formidable inner upheavals or of actions that overpass the normal human measure.”

In the Iliad, Homer describes the war between the Greeks and the Trojans in terms of just such a cosmic battle, with various Gods lining up on either side, influencing decisions and actions and in some cases, actively participating in the battle, giving the advantage to the side on which the God was active at that moment. While the sceptical mind of today’s materialistic world dismisses these descriptions as mythology, and thereby denies any substantive reality to them, it becomes clear that at times when major cataclysmic changes take place in human development and society, sensitive individuals can and do perceive the action of influences and forces beyond the normal human action at work. Certainly the forces unleashed through Hitler appear to have been an instance of possession by some demoniac force.

As we become more attuned and sensitive to the play of forces around us, and less involved in our human egoistic self-centered view of the universe, it becomes possible to trace the action of these forces and to begin to actively accept or reject them when they provide their influence in our lives.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 21, The Order of the Worlds


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