Man Does Not Create God

There is an ongoing debate, mostly supported by the physical mind’s desire to base everything on the foundation of the material world, as well as by those who try to reduce everything to a function of mind (“I think, therefore I am” as Rene Descarte so succintly phrased it), about whether God is simply a creation of man. Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that the lesser cannot create the greater, that nothing can manifest that is not already involved in the substance out of which it appears, and that therefore, it is certain that Consciousness, or God if you will, exists independent of, and precedent to, man and the material world he inhabits.

“We do not create God as a myth of our consciousness, but are instruments for a progressive manifestation of the Divine in the material being. We do not create the gods, his powers, but rather such divinity as we manifest is the partial reflection and the shaping here of eternal godheads. We do not create the higher planes, but are intermediaries by which they reveal their light, power, beauty in whatever form and scope can be given to them by Nature-force on the material plane.”

The manifestation of the higher powers we see developed or developing here is based on pressure being exercised by the native powers of the higher planes working to evolve those powers out of the material basis. “It is the pressure of the Life-world which enables life to evolve and develop here in the forms we already know; it is that increasing pressure which drives it to aspire in us to a greater revelation of itself and will one day deliver the mortal from his subjection to the narrow limitations of his present incompetent and restricting physicality. It is the pressure of the Mind-world which evolves and evelops mind here and helps us to find a leverage for our mental self-uplifting and expansion, so that we may hope to enlarge continually our self of intelligence and even to break the prison-walls of our matter-bound physical mentality. it is the pressure of the supramental and spiritual worlds which is preparing to develop here the manifest power of the Spirit and by it open our being on the physical plane into the freedom and infinity of the superconscient Divine; that contact, that pressure can alone liberate from the apparent Inconscience, which was our starting-point, the all-conscient Godhead concealed in us.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 21, The Order of the Worlds

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