Fulfilled Self-Expression in the Worlds of Larger Mind

Sri Aurobindo draws a corollary between the action of the vital life-forces in their own native life-worlds and the action of the mental forces in their own native mind-worlds. “In the same way as the powers of Life are self-founded, perfect and full in a greater Life beyond us, so too the powers of Mind, its ideas and principles that influence our earth-being, are found to have in the greater Mind-world their own field of fullness of self-nature, while here in human existence they throw out only partial formations which have much difficulty in establishing themselves because of their meeting and mixture with other powers and principles; this meeting, this mixutre curbs their completeness, alloys their purity, disputes and defeats their influence.”

While the earth-plane is an “evolutionary” world, that is, we see progressive unfolding and development, Sri Aurobindo points out that “These other worlds, then, are not evolutionary, but typal…” It is the “typal” nature of these worlds that provides a framework for the pure action of these levels of consciousness-force, and which thereby both provides a foundation for what can be “involved” into the material world, and a support for the manifestation of these forces as they evolve and develop in the physical world.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 21, The Order of the Worlds

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