Interaction with Planes & Worlds of Life and Mind

The existence of planes of manifestation based on the pure untramelled expression of Mind or Life is validated by experience. “…all our spiritual and psychic experience bears affirmative witness, brings us always a constant and, in its main principles, an invariable evidence of the existence of higher worlds, freer planes of existence.” Sri Aurobindo points out that we can accept this evidence “Not having bound ourselves down, like so much of modern thought, to the dogma that only physical experience or experience based on the physical sense is true, the analysis of physical experience by the reason alone verifiable, and all else only result of physical experience and physical existence and anything beyond this an error, self-delusion and hallucinatino, we are free to accept this evidence and to admit the reality of these planes.”

The existence of these planes where the powers of Mind or the powers of Life can manifest without the limitations imposed by the world of Matter may occur in a separate and different universe, or may be in the same universe but functioning in a different manner. The key point, from our perspective, is that it is apparent that there is a continued interaction, influence and operation of these planes upon life in the physical world, which would imply that they occupy the same universe, even though differently organised and having different functionality. These planes obviously consist of a more subtle substance and thus, could easily intertwine with our space-time without difficulty.

Sri Aurobindo points out that “We find even that the human being can project himself partially into these higher planes under certain conditions, even while in the body; a fortiori must he be able to do it when out of the body, and to do it then completely, since there is no longer the disabling condition of the physical lifef bound down to the body. The consequences of this relation and this power of transference are of immense importance. On the one side they immediately justify, at any rate as an actual possibility, the ancient tradition of at least a temporary sojourn of the human conscious being in other worlds than the physical after the dissolution of the physical body. On the other side they open to us the possibility of an action of the higher planes on the material existence which can liberate the powers they represent, the powers of life mind and spirit for the evolutionary intention inherent within Nature by the very fact of their embodiment in Matter.”
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 21, The Order of the Worlds

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