Assimilation and Preparation During the Inter-Natal Period

Between death and rebirth, there is an ongoing karmic impulsion that influences the direction and locale of the soul’s sojourn and can influence the next rebirth as well. But the development is not simply a straight-line carrying out of karmic forces, because the purpose of the soul and its evolutionary development requires the ability to exhaust certain tendencies, assimilate the results of the past lifetime, and then prepare for the needs of the next birth for the soul’s growth. Sri Aurobindo describes this process in more detail: “…for a new birth, a new life is not a taking up of the development exactly where it stopped in the last, it does not merely repeat and continue our past surface personality and formation of nature. There is an assimilation, a discarding and strengthening and rearrangement of the old characters and motives, a new ordering of the developments of the past and a selection for the purposes of the future without which the new start cannot be fruitful or carry forward the evolution. For each birth is a new start; it develops indeed from the past, but is not its mechanical continuation: rebirth is not a constant reiteration but a progression, it is the machinery of an evolutionary process. Part of this rearrangement, the discarding especially of past strong vibrations of the personality, can only be effected by an exhaustion of the push of previous mental, vital, physical motives after death, and this internal liberation or lightening of impedimenta must be put through on the planes proper to the motives that are to be discarded or otherwise manipulated, those planes which are themselves of that nature; for it is only there that the soul can still continue the activities which have to be exhausted and rejected from the cnosciousness so that it can pass on to a new formation. It is probable also that the integrating positive preparation would be carried out and the character of the new life would be decided by the soul itself in a resort to its native habitat, a plane of psychic repose, where it would draw all back into itself and await its new stage in the evolution. This would mean a passage of the soul progressively through subtle-physical, vital and mental worlds to the psychic dwelling-place from which it would return to its terrestrial pilgrimage.”

The next rebirth then would not be a straight line result of past lives, but potentially would have an entirely different character once the past formations had been discarded and assimilated, and the soul’s next stage of development determined.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 22, Rebirth and Other Worlds; Karma, the Soul and Immortality