Rebirth is a Means for Spiritual Evolution in Nature

As we have been discussing the personality of a particular lifetime does not repeat itself from birth to birth. The momentum of energy, whether physical, vital or mental will obviously continue to have its effect for a time after death, but will dissolve and disaggregate the components into a more diffuse general pool of elements. For those who have a highly organised or evolved mental or vital formation, certain of these elements may hold together for a longer time, or even have an influence on the next birth, but this is more rare. In most instances we see the systematic dissolution and dispersion taking place. Sri Aurobindo’s description of the process: “When it passes from its body, it keeps still the same vital and mental form for a time, but the forms or sheaths dissolve and what is kept is only the essential elements of the past quantum, of which some will but some may not be used in the next incarnation.” The next incarnation may in fact disregard most if not all of the past formations of personality in order to focus on other latent powers or concerns that need to be addressed by the evolving soul that may be ready to come to the fore. There is a great deal of material and momentum from the past evolutionary stages that is available for creating a new personality in a new lifetime, and the more complex and rich this is, the more varied and complex the new incarnation may be, representing potentially a quite advanced stage of the evolution where there is a clearly defined psychic being which holds together the diverse elements. This holding together however does not represent any kind of repeat of a past personality formation, but the conscious evolutionary process of the soul as it advances in power, complexity and opportunity as the result of extensive past organising efforts.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 22, Rebirth and Other Worlds; Karma, the Soul and Immortality

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