An Evolution of Consciousness in Matter

As we start the next chapter, we shall follow our general practice of reviewing the chapter head Vedic and Upanishadic citations that Sri Aurobindo provides. These citations provide a link between our current review and the knowledge gained through meditation, spiritual practice and study by the ancient sages. The language of those days was more “symbolic” and in “images” than in the type of modern sequential thought that we are used to, but the sense is easily to be understood:

“The Godhead moves in this Field modifying each web of things separately in many ways….One, presides over all wombs and natures; himself the womb of all, he is that which brings to ripeness the nature of the being and he gives to all who have to be matured their result of development and appoints all qualities to their workings.” Swetaswatara Upanishad, V.3-5

“Who has perceived this truth occult, that the Child gives being to the Mothers by the workings of his nature? An offspring from the lap of many Waters, he comes forth from them a seer possessed of his whole law of nature. Manifested, he grows in the lap of their crookednesses and becomes high, beautiful and glorious.” Rig Veda, I.95.4,5

We see throughout the Nature the seed that contains the encoding for the future development of the being that springs forth and grows. The seed germinates and develops the consciousness that is built into this encoding. This maturation process, as described in the Upanishad, is predetermined by what is embeddeed in the womb, or seed of the evolving manifested being.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 23, “Man and the Evolution”