The Knowledge Transformation Can Occur Here

“There is no conclusive validity in the reasoning that because this is a world of Ignorance, such a transformation can only be achieved by a passage to a heaven beyond or cannot be achieved at all and the demand of the psychic entity is itself ignorant and must be replaced by a merger of the soul in the Absolute. This conclusion could only be solely valid if Ignorance were the whole meaning, substance and power of the world-manifestation or if there were no element in World-Nature itself through which there could be an exceeding of the ignorant mentalitythat still burdens our present sttus of being. But the Ignorance is only a portion of this World-Nature; it is not the whole of it, not the original power or creator: it is in its higher origin a self-limiting Knowledge and even in its lower origin, its emergence out of the sheer material Inconscience, it is a suppressed Consciousness labouring to find, to recover itself, to manifest Knowledge, which is its true character, as the foundation of existence.”

Sri Aurobindo has pointed out that we can experience higher gradations of Mind which have their foundation in Knowledge rather than Ignorance, even if we cannot as of yet make our standpoint in those gradations. We experience intuitions, flashes of illumination, inspiration, which represent the first signs and workings, the dawning of Knowledge as it seeks to emergence from our basis in the Ignorance occasioned by the attempt to evolve Mind out of the material Inconscience.

Just as we have successively seen Life manifest in Matter, and Mind arise and manifest through Life and Matter, so it “seems inevitable that these higher powers of Existence should manifest here in Mind as Mind itself has manifested in Life and Matter.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 23, “Man and the Evolution”

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