Transitioning to a Supramental Instrumentation of Nature

We can see from the outward evolution of forms and development of consciousness in manifestation that the possibility of man actively participating in the process of development on a conscious level, and thereby enhancing and speeding up the changes compared to the former process followed by Nature, is an actuality. But perhaps more important than this outer aspect is the entire “inner” aspect of consciousness that relates to the development of the Psychic Being, the process of rebirth as the mechanism of continuity of development of the Soul, and the relationship of this development to the higher gradations of consciousness beyond the level of Mind.

Sri Aurobindo discusses the progression of the Soul’s development, hidden but nevertheless present, and the transition to the more conscious evolutionary process, with an eye on the changes this transition actually can bring about: “In this progression the psychic entity is still veiled, even in man the conscious mental being, by its instruments, by mind and life and body; it is unable to manifest fully, held back from coming to the front where it can stand out as the master of its nature, obliged to submit to a certain determination by the instruments, to a domination of Purusha by Prakriti. But in man the psychic part of the personality is able to develop with a much greater rapidity than in the inferior creation, and a time can arrive when the soul-entity is close to the point at which it will emerge from behind the veil into the open and become the master of its instrumentation in Nature. But this will mean that the secret indwelling spirit, the Daemon, the Godhead within is on the point of emergence; and, when it emerges, it can hardly be doubted that its demand will be, as indeed it already is in the Mind itself when it undergoes the inner psychic influence, for a diviner, a more spiritual existence. In the nature of the earth-life where the Mind is an instrument of the Ignorance, this can only be effected by a change of consciousness, a transition from a foundation in Ignorance to a foundation in Knowledge, from the mental to a supramental consciousness, a supramental instrumentation of Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 23, “Man and the Evolution”

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