Man as a Transitional Being

Sri Aurobindo has enunciated a clear and consistent picture of the evolutionary intent behind the manifestation, the various gradations of consciousness and how they interact with each other, and the role of man in the evolutionary process. He briefly sums up his conclusions here before we move, in the next chapter to look into the future evolution of consciousness and man’s role in that process:

“If a spiritual unfolding on earth is the hidden truth of our birth into Matter, if it is fundamentally an evolution of consciousness that has been taking place in Nature, then man as he is cannot be the last term of that evolution: he is too imperfect an expression of the Spirit, Mind itself is a too limited form and instrumentation; Mind is only a middle term of consciousness, the mental being can only be a transitional being. If, then, man is incapable of exceeding mentality, he must be surpassed and Supermind and superman must manifest and take the lead of the creation. But if his mind is capable of opening to what exceeds it, then there is no reason why man himself should not arrive at Supermind and supermanhood or at least lend his mentality, life and body to an evolution of that greater term of the Spirit manifesting in Nature.”

In the next post we begin the process of exploring that process of development that can lead to the manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness in the world of Matter.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 23, “Man and the Evolution”