The Manifestation of the Spiritual Consciousness

Depending on the nature of the individual and the starting point and focus of the seeking, the spiritual consciousness may take different forms which we can recognise. “The sage and seer live in the spiritual mind, their thought or their vision is governed and moulded by an inner or a greater divine light of knowledge; the devotee lives in the spiritual aspiration of the heart, its self-offering and its seeking; the saint is moved by the awakened psychic being in the inner heart grown powerful to govern the emotional and vital being; the others stand in the vital kinetic nature dirven by a higher spiritual energy and turned by it towards an inspired action, a God-given work or mission, the service of some divine Power, idea or ideal. The last or highest emergence is the liberated man who has realised the Self or Spirit within him, entered into the cosmic consciousness, passed into union with the Eternal and, so far as he still accepts the life and action, acts by the light and energy of the Power within him working through his human instruments of Nature. The largest formulation of this spiritual change and achievement is a total liberation of the soul, mind, heart and action, a casting of them all into the sense of the cosmic Self and the Divine Reality. 1 The spiritual evolution of the individual has then found its way and thrown up its range of Himalayan eminences and its peaks of highest nature. Beyond this height and largeness there opens only the supramental ascent or the incommunicable Transcendence.” 1 “This is the essence of the spiritual ideal and realisation held before us by the Gita.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 24, “The Evolution of the Spiritual Man”