The Necessity of the Spiritual Change

What we see thus far as a result of the spiritual effort obviously does not represent a complete spiritual transformation, but rather an influence and guidance, or a direction, but not an achievement of any final conclusion. This is due to the attempt by the spiritual consciousness to establish itself within a framework based on the physical, vital and mental gradations of consciousness previously evolved, and the “watering down” effect that results therefrom. Eventually, in order to resolve the problems of human life and organisation it is essential to undertake what Sri Aurobindo calls the “spiritual change”. The physical, vital and mental elements tend to resist this change or try to reject or channel it for their own aggrandisement. “Spirituality cannot be called upon to deal with life by a non-spiritual method or attempt to cure its ills by the panaceas, the political, social or other mechanical remedies which the mind is constantly attempting and which have always failed and will continue to fail to solve anything. The most drastic changes made by these means change nothing; for the old ills exist in a new form: the aspect of the outward environment is altered, but man remains what he was; he is still an ignorant mental being misusing or not effectively using his knowledge, moved by ego and governed by vital desires and passions and the needs of the body, unspiritual and superficial in his outlook, ignorant of his own self and the forces that drive and use him.”

“Only a spiritual change, an evolution of his being from the superficial mental towards the deeper spiritual consciousness, can make a real and effective difference. To discover the spiritual being in himself is the main business of the spiritual man and to help others towards the same evolution is his real service to the race; till that is done, an outward help can succour and alleviate, but nothing or very little more is possible.”

A true solution to the complex problems facing humanity and the world today needs to start from the transformation of the standpoint and action of humanity from the mental-vital-physical foundation of the past to the new spiritual consciousness that is working to manifest itself at this time.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 24, “The Evolution of the Spiritual Man”