The Goal of Evolutionary Nature

Sri Aurobindo points out that if it is the goal of Nature to awaken man to awareness of the supreme Reality and liberate him from the action of Nature in the world, then all the elements of this liberation have already been put in place and there is really nothing more to be done; rather, as each human being evolves to the right place in their development, they need only exercise the “liberation” and move beyond the manifested world. This however is not the end or goal that Sri Aurobindo has envisioned, and thus, we have not yet reached the full capability of the evolutionary process in the world. “But we have supposed that there is a farther intention,–not only a revelation of the Spirit, but a radical and integral transformation of Nature. There is a will in her to effectuate a true manifestation of the embodied life of the Spirit, to complete what she has begun by a passage from the Ignorance to the Knowledge, to throw off her mask and to reveal herself as the luminous Consciousness-Force carrying in her the eternal Existence and its universal Delight of being.”

A few have become aware of their souls, the way of liberation has been prepared, but we do not yet see the “complete and radical change which establishes a secure and settled new principle, a new creation, a permanent new order of being in the field of terrestrial Nature. The spiritual man has evolved, but not the supramental being who shall thenceforward be the leader of that Nature.”

The goal of evolutionary Nature, as seen in our previous review of the systematic development, layering and inter-penetration of successively more powerful, higher gradations of consciousness, is to bring about an ever more conscious manifestation as each new gradation is introduced and establishes itself. Thus far we have seen the principles of Matter, Life and Mind, with a first glimmering of the next level of consciousness, the supramental, beginning to make itself felt. In order to bring about a conscious, self-aware manifestation expressing the divine Truth in an unalloyed manner, the evolution of the supramental consciousness is required. This consciousness can bring about the transformation of Nature such that there is a conscious expression of the deeper spiritual meaning and truth in the manifested world.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”