Necessity of the Triple Transformation

We can see beings which represent, in their very nature, the various principles of Matter, Life, and Mind (with the gradations that occur within each of these principles). To date, however, the principle of the Supermind, the next gradation of consciousness that is beyond that of Mind, has only shown glimpses and influences, and not yet established itself in a representative being that operates from that principle primarily, as Man operates at the level of Mind, for instance, as a characteristic action.

Sri Aurobindo describes the current status: “The development of another instrumentation has begun, but has yet to become total and effective; it has besides to cease to be a purely individual self-creation in an original Ignorance, something supernormal to earth-life that must always be acquired as an individual achievement by a difficult endeavor. It must become the normal nature of a new type of being; as Mind is established here on a basis of Ignorance seeking for Knowledge and growing into Knowledge, so Supermind must be established here on a basis of Knowledge growing into its own greater Light. But this cannot be so long as the spiritual-mental being has not risen fully to Supermind and brought down its powers into terrestrial existence. For the gulf between Mind and Supermind has to be bridged, the closed passages opened and roads of ascent and descent created where there is now a void and a silence.”

In order to accomplish these steps to establish the next gradation of Consciousness as an active inherent principle of earth-life, Sri Aurobindo indicates that a triple transformation is required, in which there must be first, “the psychic change, the conversion of our whole present nature into a soul-instrumentation”; then, “the spiritual change, the descent of a higher Light, Knowledge, Power, Force, Bliss, Purity into the whole being, even into the lowest recesses of the life and body, even into the darkness of our subconscience; and third, “there must supervene the supramental transmutation,–there must take place as the crowning movement the ascent into the Supermind and the transforming descent of the supramental Consciousness into our entire being and nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”