Developing Direct Contact With the Spiritual Reality

In order for the soul to fully take charge of the outer nature, it is not sufficient for a mental, emotional or vital inclination to develop; rather, there must be a substantial transformation of the seeing and acting of the surface being based on developing a direct contact between it and the spiritual reality. It is true that absent the full experience of this Reality, that the surface being seeks it by focusing on the highest and best manifestations it can find, the seeking for Truth, Right, Beauty, Harmony. These abstractions can help to orient the nature toward a higher Reality, but eventually they have to be superceded by the actual direct experience. We see throughout human history various individuals who carried this seeking forward through just this type of mental or emotional alignment; for instance, the poet John Keats, who wrote “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty…” clearly sought these higher ideals in his reaching out for the Beautiful, etc.

Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that “For such an inmost change the direct contact with the Reality itself is indispensable since nothing else can so deeply touch the foundations of our being and stir it or cast the nature by its stir into a ferment of transmutation. Mental representations, emotional and dynamic figures have their use and value; Truth, Good and Beauty are in themselves primary and potent figures of the Reality, and even in their forms as seen by the mind, as felt by the heart, as realised in the life can be liens of an ascent: but it is in a spiritual substance and being of them and of itself that That which they represent has to come into our experience.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”