The Soul Completing the Transformation of the Surface Being

It is insufficient for the transformation of the entire life which is the aim of our review, to simply rely on the soul’s ability to influence and change the mind and the heart. The vital being, the active nature must also be taken up and transformed. At some point the dynamic active parts of the being must be prepared to switch their adherence from the ego to a higher call. Sri Aurobindo outlines the process: “This consecration of the will in works proceeds by a gradual elimination of the ego-will and its motive-power of desire; the ego subjects itself to some higher law and finally effaces itself, seems not to exist or exists only to serve a higher Power or a higher Truth or to offer its will and acts to the Divine Being as an instrument.”

Sri Aurobindo describes the experience of a higher Force at work, guiding, directing, managing the action. “In the end by this way one arrives at a consciousness in which one feels the Force or Presence acting within and moving or governing all the actions and the personal will is entirely surrendered or identified with that greater Truth-Will, Truth-Power or Truth-Presence.”

The result of this action at the vital level, combined with the influence on the mind and the heart, is to create a comprehensive total action which brings about “a spiritual or psychic condition of the surface being and nature in which there is a larger and more complex openness to the psychic light within us and to the spiritual Self or the Ishwara, to the Reality now felt above and enveloping and penetrating us. In the nature there is a more powerful and many-sided change, a spiritual building and self-creation, the appearance of a composite perfection of the saint, the selfless worker and the man of spiritual knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”