Conditions for Overcoming the Dangers of the Inner Dimensions of Consciousness

In the prior post we reviewed some of the dangers attendant upon entering into the inner, subliminal and occult levels of consciousness rather than remaining rooted “safely” in the surface consciousness. Sri Aurobindo makes it clear that these concerns have been well known throughout the history of this kind of inner seeking. “These perils were well-known to a past spiritual experience and have been met by imposing the necessity of initiation, of discipline, of methods of purification and testing by ordeal, of an entire submission to the directions of the path-finder or path-leader, one who has realised the Truth and himself possesses and is able to communicate the light, the experience, a guide who is strong to take by the hand and carry over difficult passages as well as to instruct and point out the way.”

It is of course, not reasonable to expect the guide or guru to do all the work and take all the responsibility and risk upon himself. It is necessary for the seeker to participate in the process by purifying and uplifting his own psychological state to hold the energy and not allow it to intoxicate or mislead one into byways or diversions. Sri Aurobindo: “But even so the dangers will be there and can only be surmounted if there is or there grows up a complete sincerity, a will for purity, a readiness for obedience to the Truth, for surrender to the Highest, a readiness to lose or to subject to a divine yoke the limiting and self-affirming ego. These things are the signs that the true will for realisation, for conversion of the consciousness, for transformation is there, the necessary stage of the evolution has been reached: in that condition the defects of nature which belong to the human being cannot be a permanent obstacle to the change from the mental to the spiritual status; the process may never be entirely easy, but the way will have been made open and practicable.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”