The Action of the Soul, the Psychic Being, to Guide & Control the Surface Being

The increasing influence and force of the soul becomes evident as the inner movement of consciousness proceeds. Sri Aurobindo describes the action of the soul as this process occurs: “As the crust of the outer nature cracks, as the walls of inner separation break down, the inner light gets through, the inner fire burns in the heart, the substance of the nature and the stuff of consciousness refine to a greater subtlety and purity, and the deeper psychic experiences, those which are not solely of an inner mental or inner vital character, become possible in this subtler, purer, finer substance; the soul begins to unveil itself, the psychic personality reaches its full stature.”

This is a steady, ongoing process of culturing of consciousness. As previously noted, trying to force it with the furious effort of the vital ego is basically counter productive. The good news here is that as one refines, subtilises, quiets the outer being, and actively looks inward toward the soul, the development is more or less automatic and continuous, even if to a great degree subliminal. One can get glimpses of this process through what are known as “spiritual experiences” from time to time, but most of the work is one of refining the outer nature so that it can begin to hearken to and express the promptings of the soul.

“The soul, the psychic entity, then manifests itself as the central being which upholds mind and life and body and supports all the other powers and functions of the Spirit; it takes up its greater function as the guide and ruler of the nature. A guidance, a governance begins from within which exposes every movement to the light of Truth, repels what is false, obscure, opposed to the divine realisation: every region of the being, every nook and corner of it, every movement, formation, direction, inclination of thought, will, emotion, sensation, action, reaction, motive, disposition, propensity, desire, habit of the conscious or subconscious physical, even the most concealed, camouflaged, mute, recondite, is lighted up with the unerring psychic light, their confusinos dissipated, their tangles disentangled, their obscurities, deceptions, self-deceptions precisely indicated and removed; all is purified, set right, the whole nature harmonised, modulated in the psychic key, put in spiritual order.” In the end, the entire nature is made ready for spiritualisation, and resistances, whether stemming from sattwic, rajasic, or tamasic limitations or deformations, are overcome.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 25, “The Triple Transformation”