The Transition from Nature into Supernature

As we have seen in earlier reviews of the evolution of consciousness, nothing can evolve out of material nature if it has not previously been involved in material nature, hidden, inconscient to our perceptions, but nevertheless there. We have seen Life and Mind successively evolve and organise their principles of action within material nature, and we have further recognised that the evolutionary process continues. Further steps in this progression are in fact occurring and signs can be seen of this emergence; implying naturally, that the overmental and supramental stages of consciousness are already involved in Nature.

Sri Aurobindo points out that it is not by any power or action of the lower nature, mind, life and body, that these higher levels of consciousness can be achieved. Each one of these has specific circumscribed limits within which it operates and each one is organised around its own characteristic principle of action.

“our unaided personal aspiration and endeavour cannot reach it: our effort belongs to the inferior power of Nature; a power of the Ignorance cannot achieve by its own strength or characteristic or available methods what is beyond its own domain of Nature. All the previous ascensions have been effectuated by a secret Consciousness-Force operating first in Inconscience and then in the Ignorance: it has worked by an emergence of its involved powers to the surface, powers concealed behind the veil and superior to the past formulations of Nature, but even so there is needed a pressure of the same superior powers already formulated in their full natural force on their own planes; these superior planes create their own foundation in our subliminal parts and from there are able to influence the evolutionary process on the surface.”

The next stages, the overmental and supramental must undertake a similar process of evolution and external pressure to develop and flesh out their not yet organised foundation for action in the material nature. “In order that the involved principles of Overmind and Supermind should emerge from their veiled secrecy, the being and powers of the Superconscience must descend into us and uplift us and formulate themselves in our being and powers; this descent is a sine qua non of the transition and transformation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”