Intuition and Mentality

When Intuition begins to interact with the world of matter, life and mind, it becomes attenuated, limited and modified by those other powers. “For an intuitive mentality intervening in a mixed mental, vital physical consciousness would normally be forced to undergo a mixture with the inferior stuff of consciousness alerady evolved; in order to act on it, it would have to enter into it and, entering into it, would get entangled in it, penetrated by it, affected by the separative and partial character of our mind’s action and the limitation and restricted force of the Ignorance. The action of intuitive intelligence is keen and luminous enough to penetrate and modify, but not large and whole enough to swallow up into itself and abolish the mass of the Ignorance and Inconscience; it could not effect an entire transformation of the whole consciousness into its own stuff and power.” While the higher powers of intelligence, starting with the working of a truer force of Intuition will obviously have a positive influence and far-reaching effect on the mentality that operates in the outer world and from the surface nature, this will not initially be anywhere near complete or conclusive in its action.

In the evolution towards Supernature, this initial power of conscious participation in the universal working would enlarge in the individual into a more and more intimate and extended vision of her workings in himself, a sensitive perception of the course she was taking, a growing understanding or intuitive idea of the methods that had to be followed for a more rapid and more conscious self-evolution. As his inner psychic or occult inner mental being came more to the front, there would be a strengthened power of choice, of sanction, a beginning of authentic free will which would grow more and more effective.”

The result of this intermediate influence and influx of a higher form of consciousness into the outer being’s action would be an expanded participation of conscious effort in the development process and an expanded (although still within certain limits imposed by the lower nature) action leading to progressively more power of action of the higher levels of consciousness in the nature.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”

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