Opening and Transforming the Lower Nature Is Required for the Supramental Change, Part 2

Just as the mind needs to revise its method of working to accomodate the higher consciousness and force, so also the vital and physical need to be ready, willing and able to change their habitual patterns.

“There is demanded too a similar giving up by the vital of its cherished desires, emotions, feelings, impulses, grooves of sensation, forceful mechanism of action and reaction to be replaced by a luminous, desireless, free and yet automatically self-determining force, the force of a centralised universal and impersonal knowledge, power, delight of which the life must become an instrument and an epiphany, but of which it has at present no inkling and no sense of its greater joy and strength for fulfillment.”

The vital nature in its normal functioning alternates between the impulsion of desire / greed and aversion / fear. The cravings generated by the desire movement all basically seek for expansion, aggrandisement, fulfillment, whether for power, mastery, control, domination, self-aggrandisement of fame or name, or for more circumscribed but nevertheless extremely powerful drives such as greed for food, sex, wealth, etc. This outward expansive movement is checked by the opposing movement based on fear, which includes avoidance of penalty, injury or death.

We remain fully subjected to this alternation between desire and fear until we are able to act from the desireless, powerful state of oneness with the universal force of the Divine Nature, or embody the force of a higher consciousness without reference to personal gain. This change is virtually impossible for the vital nature to conceive of until it gets a real taste of the higher energy at work, given how radically different it is from our normal habitual patterns.

“Our physical part has to give up its instincts, needs, blind conservative attachments, settled grooves of nature, its doubt and disbelief in all that is beyond itself, its faith in the inevitability of the fixed functionings of the physical mind, the physical life and the body, that they may be replaced by a new power which establishes its own greater law and functioning in the form and force of Matter.”

All of humanity, functioning within the framework of the physical mind, finds it virtually impossible to conceive a different system of organisation for the physical life and its principles. This builds enormous resistance to change into the system. We have such an ingrained attachment to the status quo that anyone who experiences something other or different is generally disbelieved and considered psychologically unstable or insane in some manner. But to obtain the operation of a higher force for transforming nature into supernature, it is obvious that fixed principles of action which we regard as inevitable and immutable must be eventualy discarded or totally revised.

“The admission of such a change can only be brought about by a full emergence of the soul and inner being, the dominance of the psychic and spiritual will and a long working of their light and power on the parts of the being, a psychic and spiritual remoulding of the whole nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”