The Descent of Intuition Into the Human Consciousness

Intuition appears to us in its occasional action as something akin to a lightning-flash of insight. If it just occurs as an occasional insight, it is cut off from an all-encompassing sense of completeness and easily diluted or distorted by the working of the reason. While this may protect to some degree from the pseudo-intuitions that can masquerade as true insight, it is a weak illumination that does not have much transformative power, as it has been modified both by the action of the Illumined Mind, and then the Higher Mind before eventually manifesting in the human mentality.

In its native plane of action, far above the human mind, intuition is a massed light of consciousness, integrated and illuminating the entire field with its insight. Sri Aurobindo describes it thus: “…on that higher level to which it is native its light is unmixed and therefore entirely and purely veridical, and its rays are not separated but connected or massed together in a play of waves of what might almost be called in the Sanskrit poetic figure a sea or mass of “stable lightnings”. When this original or natiave Intuition begins to descend into us in answer to an ascension of our consciousness to its level or as a result of our finding of a clear way of communication with it, it may continue to come as a play of lightning-flashes, isolated or in constant action; but at this stage the judgment of reason becomes quite inapplicable, it can only act as an observer or registrar understanding or recording the more luminous intimations, judgments and discreiminations of the higher power. To complete or verify an isolated intuition or discriminate its nature, its application, its limitations, the receiving consciousness must rely on another completing intuition or be able to call down a massed intuition capable of putting all in place. For once the process of the change has begun, a complete transmutation of the stuff and activities of the mind into the substance, form and power of Intuition is imperative; until then, so long as the process of consciousness depends upon the lower intelligence serving or helping out or using the intuition, the result can only be a survival of the mixed Knowledge-Ignorance uplifted or relieved by a higher light and force action in its parts of Knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”

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