The Fourfold Power of Intuition

Sri Aurobindo provides us with a clear insight into the nature and functioning of Intuition. “Intuition has a fourfold power. A power of revelatory truth-seeing, a power of inspiration or truth-hearing, a power of truth-touch or immediate seizing of significance, which is akin to the ordinary nature of its intervention in our mental intelligence, a power of true and automatic discrimination of the orderly and exact relation of truth to truth…” This action of intuition works to uplift or even replace the normal action of the logical mind of reason, and has corresponding actions to uplift and transform the heart, life energy, sense experience and physical consciousness. “It can thus change the whole consciousness into the stuff of Intuition; for it brings its own greater radiant movement into the will, into the feelings and emotions, the life-impulses, the action of sense and sensation, the very workings of the body-consciousness; it recasts them in the light and power of truth and illumines their knowledge adn their ignorance.” Where the Intuition becomes limited is in its ability to transfuse and uplift the vast realms of the Inconscience and the Subconscient. These realms require a still greater transformative light, directly active from the supramental realm, in order to be fully illumined. Nevertheless, the powers of the Intuition are broad and able to take up and take over virtually entirely the action of the logical mind, working from an entirely different basis than that limited and stumbling power that represents our normal mode of knowledge and action.
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”

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