Supramental Consciousness Establishes Principle of Divine Life on Earth

When we look at the world around us we see a physical sphere that has been successively transformed by the manifestation first of a vital force, and then by the development of a mental force. Each time the manifestation led to dramatic changes in the manifestation. Each one manifested with both its characteristic strengths, and its characteristic limitations. Each one took up and worked upon the prior principle(s) while leaving an ascending series of beings representing the various gradations of the vital and the mental force in action. Similarly, Sri Aurobindo envisions the manifestation of the supramental force as bringing about the next transformative wave of manifestation, taking up Matter, Life and Mind and transforming their action and interaction, not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole. We can see the impact the principle of Mind has had on the world (both positively and negatively) as we systematically take up and modify Matter and Life. The action of Supermind would have its corrollary effects.

“A supramental change of the whole substance of the being and therefore necessarily of all its characters, powers, movements takes place when the involved Supermind in Nature emerges to meet and join with the supramental light and power descending from Supernature.”

The functioning of the supramental power would act “in the same way in which thinking Mind has been established through the human evolution as an overtly operative power in Life and Matter. This would mean the appearance in the evolution of a gnostic being or Purusha and a gnostic Prakriti, a gnostic Nature.”

“A supramental principle and its cosmic operation once established permanently on its own basis, the intervening powers of Overmind and spiritual Mind could found themselves securely upon it and reach their own perfection; they would become in the earth-existence a hierarchy of states of consciousness rising out of Mind and physical life to the supreme spiritual level. Mind and mental humanity would remain as one step in the spiritual evolution; but other degrees above it would be there formed and accessible by which the embodied mental being, as it became ready, could climb into the gnosis and change into an embodied supramental and spiritual being. On this basis the principle of a divine life in terrestrial Nature would be manifested; even the world of ignorance and inconscience might discover its own submerged secret and begin to realise in each lower degree its divine significance.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 26, “The Ascent Towards Supermind”