Inflow, Descent and Emergence of the Supramental Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo reminds us that each gradation of consciousness has followed a similar pattern in its expression in the world. There was a first expression of that level of consciousness that was involved in the Inconscience, coupled with a descent, mostly at the subliminal level behind the veil of the surface nature, from its own native plane or domain of that consciousness. Thereafter followed a taking up of all that was prepared to receive that action of consciousness and the development of the action of that level of consciousness to effect widespread and massive changes in earth life. The arising of the mental consciousness followed this pattern and we can see the effect of its action wherever we look in the terms of the way life has been radically impacted through the expression of mental powers of consciousness.

The development of the supramental consciousness on earth will essentially follow a similar pattern, except that it will not work subliminally behind the veil, unseen and unrecognised, but rather, will act with light and awareness in the unified being. “But before the supramental change can begin, the veil between the subliminal and the surface parts must have been already broken down; the influx, the descent will be in the entire consciousness as a whole, it will not take place partly behind a veil: the process will be no longer a concealed, obscure and ambiguous procedure but an open out-flowering consciously felt and followed by the whole being in its transmutation.”

The basic pattern of “a supramental inflow from above, the descent of a gnostic being into the nature, and an emergence of the concealed supramental force from below; the influx and the unveiling between them will remove what is left of the nature of the Ignorance. The rule of the Inconscient will disappear: for the Inconscience will be changed by the outburst of the greater secret Consciousness within it, the hidden Light, into what it always was in reality, a sea of the secret Superconscience. A first formation of a gnostic consciousness and nature will be the consequence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”