Supermind Holds the Key to a More Harmonic Evolutionary Order of Terrestrial Existence

In the overmental creation, each element of the manifestation is an essential part of the wider oneness and harmony, although these individual beings or elements work to emphasize their own line of action and do not generally become aware of or focused on the Oneness. This leads to a creation that creates oneness out of conflict or opposition, by making even the conflict part of the wider action or purpose. This is a world of duality where good and bad, light and dark, coexist and actually support one another for the unseen larger purpose. The supramental creation brings in the awareness of Oneness at the individual level, so that each element is both aware of its individual role and its essential unity with all else in the manifestation. This brings in the opportunity for a more harmonious development than the world based in conflict and opposition which we see in the lower stages of the evolutionary progression.

“The Overmind follows out diversities and divergent possibilities on their own lines of divergence: it can allow contradictions and discords, but it makes them elements of a cosmic whole so that they care forced, however unwittingly and in spite of themselves, to contribute their shares to its wholeness.”

“The supramental gnostic being, on the contrary, would not only found all his living on an intimate sense and effective realisation of harmonic unity in his own inner and outer life or group-life, but would create a harmonic unity also with the still surviving mental world, even if that world remained altogether a world of Ignorance. For the gnostic consciousness in him would perceive and bring out the evolving truth and principle of harmony hidden in the formations of the Ignorance; it would be natural to his sense of integrality and it would be within his power to link them in a true order with his own gnostic principle and the evolved truth and harmony of his own greater life-creation. That might be impossible without a considerable change in the life of the world, but such a change would be a natural consequence of the appearance of a new Power in Nature and its universal influence. In the emergence of the gnostic being would be the hope of a more harmonious evolutionary order in terrestrial Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”

Consequence of the Direct Action of Supermind on Evolution

When we reflect on the impact that the evolution of mind has had on the world, the dramatic changes that humans have effected on the physical world, on the plant and animal life, and on the organisation of human affairs and societies, it becomes quite clear that the manifestation of the Supermind in the world would also bring about consequences throughout the entire creation. One would not expect to see a race of supramental beings divorced entirely and not impacting the rest of the creation. On the contrary, one must expect to see some obvious and decisive modifications to the action of each gradation of consciousness that preceded the overt supramental action in earth life.

Sri Aurobindo describes basically three major impacts:
1. The development of a supramental being and its development of its own characteristic action in the evolution.
2. The support and confirmation of the preceding levels of consciousness leading up to Supermind in their characteristic action; and
3. The impact that the gnostic evolution has on enhancing, harmonising and uplifting the preceding stages of Matter, Life and Mind.

“All life and living beings ready to rise beyond the mental ignorance, but not ready yet for the supramental height, would find in a sort of echelon or a scale with overlapping degrees their assured basis, their intermediate steps of self-formation, their expression of realised capacity of spiritual existence on the way to the supreme Reality.”

“but also the presence of the liberated and now sovereign supramental light and force at the head of evolutionary Nature might be expected to have its consequences in the whole evolution. An incidence, a decisive stress would affect the life of the lower evolutionary stages; something of the light, something of the force would penetrate downwards and awaken into a greater action the hidden Truth-Power everywhere in Nature. A dominant principle of harmony would impose itself on the life of the Ignorance; the discord, the blind seeking, the clash of struggle, the abnormal vicissitudes of exaggeration and depression and unsteady balance of the unseeing forces at work in their mixture and conflict, would feel the influence and yield place to a more orderly pace and harmonic steps of the development of being, a more revealing arrangement of progressing life and consciousness, a better life-order.”

“This intervention would not annul the evolutionary principle, for Supermind has the power of withholding or keeping in reserve its force of knowledge as well as the power of bringing it into full or partial action; but it would harmonise, steady, facilitate, tranquillise and to a great extent hedonise the difficult and afflicted process of the evolutionary emergence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”