Diversity in the Gnostic Race of Beings

As we have recognised the human race of beings as similar enough, whatever the diversity of individual beings from one another, to be considered a “race”, we can similarly recognise the possibility of a new race of beings, founded not, as in humanity, on the powers of the mental evolution primarily, but rather, on the gnostic consciousness of the Supermind. There have been attempts in the past by philosophers to develop the concept of a “super race” of beings that would somehow exercise power over humanity through some vital will or domination, some kind of “master race” that would treat the rest of humanity as slaves or cattle. This is, however, not what is being foreseen here. A new race, founded in the gnosis, must necessarily take into account the unity, the oneness of all the manifested universe, the evolutionary purpose and the ascending gradations of consciousness and their essential significance. Greater powers of intuition, insight, and harmony do not imply some aggrandised will to power.

In fact, as Sri Aurobindo has pointed out, even the supramental race of beings would consist of diversity, due to the many different aspects, powers and combinations that are all held together in the oneness of the supramental realm. “A supramental or gnostic race of beings would not be a race made according to a single type, moulded in a single fixed pattern; for the law of the Supermind is unity fulfilled in diversity, and therefore there would be an infinite diversity in the manifestation of the gnostic consciousness although that consciousness would still be one in its basis, in its constitution, in its all-revealing and all-uniting order.”

“But in the supramental race itself, in the variation of its degrees, the individuals would not be cast according to a single type of individuality; each would be different from the other, a unique formation of the Being, although one with all the rest in foundation of self and sense of oneness and in the principle of his being.”

This ultimate diversity ensures that the approaches taken in the past by the mental attempts to unify through uniformity or through forcing everyone to believe in and act in specific ways, dominated by a single control, would not wind up being the operative model in a supramental manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”

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