Seeing the World as a Universe of the Spirit

The mental consciousness seeks knowledge from a basis of what is unknown to it. The fragmentation and separation implied by this is the characteristic of the action of Mind, Life and Matter. The action of the gnostic consciousness represents a radical change in the basis of knowing, whereby it becomes a successive revealing of what is known through a recognition of the identity of the Knower, the Known and the Process of Knowing. This change will not destroy the lower powers, but uplift and transform, as Sri Aurobindo describes: “The supramental transformation, the supramental evolution must carry with it a lifting of mind, life and body out of themselves into a greater way of being in which their own ways and powers would be, not suppressed or abolished, but perfected and fulfilled by the self-exceeding.”

The gnostic consciousness “will act not by the discovery of the unknown, but by the bringing out of the known; all will be the finding ‘of the self by the self in the self.’ For the self of the gnostic being will not be the mental ego but the Spirit that is one in all; he will see the world as a universe of the Spirit. The finding of the one truth underlying all things will be the Identical discovering identity and identical truth everywhere and discovering too the power and workings and relations of that identity. The revelation of the detail, the circumstance, the abundant ways and forms of the manifestation will be the unveiling of the endless opulence of the truths of that identity, its forms and powers of self, its curious manifoldness and multiplicity of form bringing out infinitely its oneness. This knowledge will proceed by identification with all, by entering into all, by a contact bringing with it a leap of self-discovery and a flame of recognition, a greater and surer intuition of truth than the mind can reach; there will be an intuition too of the means of embodying and utilising the truth seen, an operative intuition of its dynamic processes, a direct intimate awareness guiding the life and the physical senses in every step of their action and service to the Spirit when they have to be called in as instruments for the effectuation of process in Life and Matter.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”

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