Making the Body a True Instrument of the Spirit

The physical body poses certain limitations for the action of the life-force and the mind. While each of these, when they manifest themselves in the material world, have an influence on the action of the body, there is still the inherent subconscious resistance of the body, acting under the limitations imposed by the very nature of the body and the nature of Matter. The influence provided by the life-energy and the mind is also quite indirect, leading to an imperfect and slow responsiveness to the needs of the life or the mind. The body also can begin to break down under the imposed regime of the mind and life when they attempt to overrule or control the normal functioning level of the body. We find when we go beyond the normal limits that the body simply does not adapt as responsively as we may hope for, and we find that our ability to use the mental power to effectuate change is spotty and inconsistent.

With the advent of the supramental consciousness, there must be a radical change in the way the body responds. The supramental force exerts a more direct control on the body in its native poise and actually transforms the action from inside. Sri Aurobindo explains this action: “But in the gnostic way of being and living the will of the Spirit must directly control and determine the movements and law of the body. For the law of the body arises from the subconscient or inconscient: but in the gnostic being the subconscient will have become conscious and subject to the supramental control, penetrated with its light and action; the basis of inconscience with its obscurity and ambiguity, its obstruction or tardy responses will have been transformed into a lower or supporting superconscience by the supramental emergence.”

The inherent power of the “Real-Idea” which is the effective knowledge-will of the supramental consciousness “will rule the existence with an entire knowledge and power and include in its rule the functioning and action of the body. The body will be turned by the power of the spiritual consciousness into a true and fit and perfectly responsive instrument of the Spirit.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”