The Gnostic Being Reveals the Infinite Existence

While a purely human consciousness, bounded by the limitations of body, life and mind, struggles to express itself and appears separate, small and fragmented, divided from the rest of creation as by a wall, and fighting for its own existence and affirmation against the rest of creation, the gnostic individual takes on the character of being an individual point of revelation or manifestation of the universal being. Whatever is revealed in a particular individual manifestation, either small and focused or large and manifold in its characteristics, is simply the needed role for that individual in the complex manifestation of the whole, and it does not encompass the being but expresses the needed force within the larger harmonic action.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this issue: “But the individual nature-manifestation, whether strong and distinct in outline or multitudinous and protean but still harmonic, would be there as an index of the being, not the whole being: that would be felt behind, recognisable but indefinable, infinite. The consciousness also of the gnostic Person would be an infinite consciousness throwing up forms of self-expression, but aware always of its unbounded infinity and universality and conveying the power and sense of its infinity and universality even in the finiteness of the expression,–by which, moreover, it would not be bound in the next movement of farther self-revelation. But this would still not be an unregulated unrecognisable flux but a process of self-revelation making visible the inherent truth of its powers of existence according to the harmonic law natural to all manifestation of the Infinite.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”