Character of Dynamic Action of the Gnostic Supernature

Human life, based in ignorance and limitation, takes on the character of an “ignorant self-divided existence which seeks for its own truth and tries to construct its findings into laws and construct its life according to a pattern so made.”, as Sri Aurobindo describes it. This leads to a confused action that is characterised by division, conflict and separation.

The gnostic evolution has a different character, inasmuch as it implicitly starts from a knowledge of its unified wholeness and its intended result. Sri Aurobindo describes the action of the gnostic supernature when he indicates it to be “an integral fully conscious being in full possession of its own truth of existence and working out that truth in its own freedom, free from all constructed laws, while yet is life is a fulfilment of all true laws of becoming in their essence of meaning…”

A true law of being is the “right motion and process of a reality, an energy or power of being in action fulfilling its own inherent movement self-implied in its own truth of existence.” This can take on the form of Nature, which, while it appears to be mechanical and inconscient, clearly has a precisely organised and active intelligence within it; or it can be the true law of the Spirit, “a conscious energy, freely determined in its action by the consciousness in the being aware of its own imperative of truth, aware of its plastic possibilities of self-expression of that truth, aware, always in the whole and at each moment in the detail, of the actualities it has to realise.”

“An entire freedom of the Spirit, an entire self-existent order self-creating, self-effectuating, self-secure in its own natural and inevitable movement, is the character of this dynamis of the gnostic Supernature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”