Gnostic Evolution Supports Diversity with Harmony

When we consider the manifestation of a Truth-Consciousness we tend to believe that it will eliminate all variations in expression since it would obviously act from a single highest source of consciousness. Sri Aurobindo makes it quite clear that not only does the supramental consciousness support evolving gradations of expression, but it also understands the basis upon which the manifestation in the Ignorance takes place and can harmonise and relate to those limited forms of manifestation as well, leading to incredible diversity harmonised by the all-embracing consciousness of the Oneness of all these forms.

“A great harmonised variation would thus be an element in the beauty and completeness of the evolution of the gnostic consciousness and existence. Even in dealing with the mind of ignorance around it, as in dealing with the still lower degrees of the gnostic evolution, the supramental life would use this innate power and movement of its Truth of being: it would relate in the light of that integral Reality its own truth of being with the truth of being that is behind the Ignorance; it would found all relations upon the common spiritual unity, accept and harmonise the manifested difference. The gnostic Light would ensure the right relation and action or reaction of each upon each in every circumstance; the gnostic power or influence would affirm always a symphonic effectuatino, secure the right relations of the more developed and the less developed life and impose by its influence a greater harmony on the lower existence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”