Interaction of Gnostic Beings With Earth Evolution

One of the questions which continually arises is what role the gnostic beings can or will be able to play in the evolving life based on the Ignorance within which humanity currently is struggling. This issue becomes particularly salient as we recognise that the limitations of the physical, vital and mental evolution, based on fragmentation and separation are taking us to the brink of a total breakdown of the environment as well as the social order. It becomes obvious that the methods of action developed based on Mind are incapable of solving this issue and we eventually wind up in a polarised environment of extremes which refuse to even try to work together to reconcile their different viewpoints in order to achieve a higher result. The need for a new power of consciousness is thus obvious as well.

The evolution of the gnostic consciousness, with its basis in Oneness and its powers of action founded in the truth of Oneness, provides an opportunity for a way out of the dilemma within which all life on earth is otherwise circumscribed.

Sri Aurobindo has described the pure working of the gnostic consciousness as well as the interaction of gnostic beings one with another; but there still remains the crucial question of how this consciousness and these beings will interaction with, influence and support the working of the broad basis of the life and consciousness previously evolved. What will happen to the entire structure of human society for instance? How will human life and its impact on the vital and physical worlds be affected, if at all? Will the gnostic being interact with life and society, or be separated and keep apart, allowing the previously developed evolutionary steps to rise or fall under their own limited capabilities?

We shall explore these questions further in the next post.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”


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