Impact of Gnostic Beings on Earth Evolution

In the previous post we discussed the interaction of gnostic beings with the earth evolution and raised various questions that can arise as a result. Past attempts to define an advanced evolutionary form, after all, have been more or less unmitigated disasters, whether we look at the Nietschean “superman” or the “master race” of the Third Reich, or a government of an aristocracy of knowledge as Plato speculated, or an aristocracy of money power as we see in operation in today’s world; or other formulations that simply inflated human ambition and capabilities without effecting the spiritual transformation and consequent standpoint of Oneness and Harmony that are the basis of the gnostic evolutionary action. The past formulations saw the need for an ongoing evolutionary action, but were limited by human powers based on the fragmentation, separation and smallness of the mental, vital and physical powers in manifestation. As a consequence, they each failed to solve the riddle of the evolutionary action.

Sri Aurobindo discusses this issue in some depth as follows: “But by the very fact of the evolution here the gnostic manifestation would be a circumstance, though a decisive circumstance, in the whole: there would be a continuance of the lower degrees of the consciousness and life, some maintaining the manifestation in the Ignorance, some mediating between it and the manifestation in the gnosis; these two forms of being and life would either exist side by side or interpenetrate.”

The impact of gnostic consciousness, active and at work in the world in an overt manner, would be to attract and raise up the highest of the spiritual-mental powers to the pinnacle of their action thereby bringing about a more unified and harmonious seeing and acting in the world than can be accomplished by the action of mind, life and body alone. One result would be that “the beings of the Ignorance, influenced by the light of the gnosis through their association with gnostic beings and through the evolved and effective presence of the supramental Being and Power in earth-nature, would be more conscious and responsive. In the untransformed part of humanity itself there might well arise a new and greater order of mental human beings; for the directly intuitive or partly intuitivised but not yet gnostic mental being, the directly or partly illumined mental being, the mental being in direct or part communion with the higher-thought plane would emerge: these would become more and more numerous, more and more evolved and secure in their type, and might even exist as a formed race of higher humanity leading upwards the less evolved in a fraternity born of the sense of the manifestation of the One Divine in all beings. In this way, the consummation of the highest might mean also a lesser consummation in its own degree of what must remain still below. At the higher end of the evolution the ascending ranges and summits of Supermind would begin to rise towards some supreme manifestation of the pure spiritual existence, consciousness and delight of being of Sachchidananda.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”