Gnostic Evolution and the Ignorance

Sri Aurobindo raises the question whether, essentially, the gnostic evolution we have been reviewing represents a goal or a journey. “A question might arise whether the gnostic reversal, the passage into a gnostic evolution and beyond it would not mean sooner or later the cessation of the evolution from the Inconscience, since the reason for that obscure beginning of things here would cease.”

The evolution of consciousness on the earth-plane is after all part of the much larger manifestation of the universal existence, and it is clear that Nature has gone to considerable effort in fashioning the framework and energy of this universal development. It is thus unlikely that it is a temporary phenomenon that will be dismantled once the “goal” is reached. Rather, it is more likely that the manifestation of the gnostic consciousness will integrate itself into the life of the earth-plane and provide thereby a new organising principle around which development can take place.

Sri Aurobindo’s view of this is as follows: “…the evolution here, though remaining the same in its degrees and stages, would be subjected to the law of harmony, the law of unity in diversity and of diversity working out unity: it would be no longer an evolution through strife; it would become a harmonious development from stage to stage, from lesser to greater light, from type to higher type of the power and beauty of a self-unfolding existence.” The Upanishadic formula “from the darkness to the light” would become “from light to greater light”.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 27, “The Gnostic Being”