Vedic Citations Pointing to a Divine Life on Earth

As has been our general practice, when we start a new chapter in The Life Divine, we have paused to review the quotations that Sri Aurobindo has included at the chapter head. Our review has now reached the final chapter which integrates all the prior material and sums up Sri Aurobindo’s conclusions. The citations point us toward the solution:

“His ecstasy, in one who holds it, sets into motion the two births, the human self-expression and the divine, and moves between them.” Rig Veda, IX.86.42

“May the invincible rays of his intuition be there seeking immortality, pervading both the births; for by them he sets flowing in one movement human strengths and things divine.” Rig Veda, IX.70.3

“Let all accept thy will when thou art born a living god from the dry tree, that they may attain to divinity and reach by the speed of thy movements to possession of the Truth and the Immortality.” Rig Veda, I.68.2

The possibility of a divine life on earth, of an evolution of consciousness out of the limitations of the Ignorance, to achieve a harmony in the Oneness of an omnipresent Reality, is the goal that Sri Aurobindo has set forth and which will be the subject of this final chapter.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 28, “The Divine Life”