Life and the Manifestation of Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo views life as the dynamic condition that allows the manifestation of consciousness in Matter. Life provides the opportunity for the unfolding of the eternal Being through Time in the material world. The unfolding of consciousness in an ever-evolving manner provides the context of the life action. Life “evolves through growth of consciousness even as consciousness evolves through greater organisation and perfection of life: a greater consciousness kmeans a greater life.”

Because mentality is not the final stage of consciousness, but rather, a transitional phase, life for man is imperfect and subject to limitations. In fact, even a perfected form of Mind would remain limited and thereby lead to imperfect expression in life. “For what is involved and emergent is not a Mind, but a Spirit, and mind is not the native dynamism of consciousness of the Spirit; Supermind, the light of gnosis, is its native dynamism. If then life has to become a manifestation of the Spirit, it is the manifestation of a spiritual being in us and the divine life of a perfected consciousness in a supramental or gnostic power of spiritual being that must be the secret burden and intention of evolutionary Nature.”

Life in such a new context has the opportunity to transform Matter and the relationship of living entities within the unified framework of the manifestation. Life provides the opportunity; the evolution of Consciousness provides the subject and the rationale.
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 28, “The Divine Life”

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