New Powers of Consciousness Come With Gnostic Evolution

If we follow the line of the evolution of consciousness, we can see that each new power that has evolved exercised increasing control over the powers that came before. Thus, Life-Force gains dominance over Matter, Mind of Life-Force and Matter. The evolution of the spiritual forces of the gnostic or supramental consciousness thus would take on the character of gaining control over Mind, Life and Matter. At the same time, as each new power evolves, it becomes easier for the recognition of the essential Oneness of all existence, and thus, each new power gains new capacities of insight, and breaks down the walls between the individual units that lead a more or less fragmented and isolated existence due to the limitations of their characteristic mode of consciousness, in the lower hemisphere of Matter, Life and Mind.

Sri Aurobindo explains this further: “For a total gnostic or divine living would include not only the individual life of the being but the life of others made one with the individual in a common uniting consciousness. Such a life must have for its main constituting power a spontaneous and innate, not a constructed, unity and harmony; this can only come by a greater identity of being and consciousness between individual and individual unified in their spiritual substance, feeling themselves to be self and self of one self-existence, acting in a greater unitarian force of knowledge, a greater power of the being. There must be an inner and direct mutual knowledge based upon a consciousness of oneness and identity, a consciousness of each other’s being, thought, feeling, inner and outer movements, a conscious communication of mind with mind, of heart with heart, a conscious impact of life upon life, a conscious interchange of forces of being with forces of being; in any absence or deficiency of these powers and their intimate light there could not be a real or complete unity or a real and complete natural fitting of each individual’s being, thought, feeling, inner and outer movements with those of the individuals around him. A growing basis and structure of conscious unanimism, we might say, would be the character of this more evolved life.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 28, “The Divine Life”