Introduction to The Mother

Sri Aurobindo’s book The Mother is a highly concentrated and powerful guide to spirituality and yoga. Consisting of just six chapters, it provides inspiration and direction of the highest order and for many it acts as a lifelong companion on the journey. The sixth chapter, which describes the Four Powers of the Mother is frequently called the Matri Upanishad and can rightfully take its place with those more ancient inspired texts.

In Indian philosophy, the Mother represents shakti , the power and energy of creation.

All page number citations in the following review are based on the U.S. edition of The Mother published by Lotus Press, EAN: 978-0-9415-2479-7

Sri Aurobindo, The Mother


In the first chapter of The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo sets forth the basic aspiration of mankind, the seeking for “God, Light, Freedom, Immortality.”

The path to achievement of these aspirations is through a systematic evolution of consciousness, and a reversal of the viewpoint, based in the Ignorance, that sees the world as fragmented and separate to achieve a consciousness of unity, harmony and Oneness.

In the final chapter, Sri Aurobindo sets forth his conclusion that a divine life on earth is possible, and that it can and will come about through the continuation of the evolutionary process that has led, successively, to the evolution of Matter, Life and Mind.

The process of Nature is to create the ultimate tension of contradiction to force the next stage of progress to manifest. We are faced today with an evolutionary crisis that cannot be solved by application of mental, vital or physical solutions. The complexity of the systems, and the order of magnitude of the inter-relationships take the issues far beyond the faculties of mind, even at their highest.

When we add to this the complexity of opposing viewpoints, the diversity of opinions and dogmas that abound, we have a formula for gridlock. We see that taking place all over the world today. Real problems cannot be addressed, much less solved, while we remain locked into the fragmented and limited consciousness of mind, driven by conflicting desires and demands of the vital and physical aspects of our lives.

Thus, it is time for the development and expression of the next evolutionary level, the supramental level. It is only the supramental manifestation on earth that can solve our present crisis.