One-Pointed Focus on the Divine Energy is Required

Success in the yoga requires a consistent and focused effort of tuning and adhering the consciousness to the divine Force and rejecting the forces of the lower nature, whether mental, vital or physical.

It is a law of nature that whatever we focus on we attract to us, and the vibrational energy that comes with it is that which expresses itself through our nature. An analogy is the concept of a radio or tv receiver. There are dozens, or hundreds of channels available to which the receiver can be tuned. Some of them may be inspirational and uplifting, others focused on lower energies of violence, sexual gratification, greed or other similar energies. We have the choice of where we tune and what we allow into our lives.

Similarly, in the spiritual endeavor, we can open ourselves to the higher energies or the lower, and depending on our choice, at each moment, we will see the attraction at work, and bring the result of those forces into manifestation through us.

“If each time the Power intervenes and brings in the Truth, you turn your back on it and call in again the falsehood that has been expelled, it is not the divine Grace that you must blame for failing you, but the falsity of your own will and the imperfection of your own surrender.”

“If you call for the Truth and yet something in you chooses what is false, ignorant and undivine or even simply is unwilling to reject it altogether, then always you will be opoen to attack and the Grace will recede from you. Detect first what is false or obscure in you and persistently reject it, then alone can you rightly call for the divine Power to transform you.”

“Do not imagine that truth and falsehood, light and darkness, surrender and selfishness can be allowed to dwell together in the house consecrated to the Divine. The transformation must be integral, and integral therefore the rejection of all that withstands it.”

By the process of “aspiration, rejection and surrender” one can focus on the divine force, reject the intrusion of the lower forces, and allow the divine force to manifest freely through the instrument of the individual being.

Sri Aurobindo,