The True Attitude for the Transmutation of Consciousness and Life

The two powers required for the transformation, the aspiration of the human for the Divine, and the response of the Divine Grace from above, need a constant effort on the part of the seeker to achieve the desired result.

The effort consists of essentially three movements: aspiration, rejection and surrender.

The aspiration must be strong and consistent. It is an act of “tuning” of the consciousness to the Divine Power and keeping oneself fixed on that frequency.

By rejection is meant the one-pointedness and fixity of resolve to maintain the focus of the aspiration without wavering. The forces of the lower Nature are rejected, so that the entire being, in all its parts, responds to the higher Force in its descent.

Surrender is the act of responding to that higher Force, carrying out its Will, and not trying to use the energy to fulfill or gratify the desires, impulsions, wishes or thoughts of the normal physical, vital and mental being.

This attitude must necessarily be active, and not passive, as long as the ego is still active. The divine Force comes as a Grace in response to the fixity and one-pointedness of the aspiration. We cannot control the time or the circumstance of the Grace. It is our role to prepare the instrument, and keep it both ready and receptive to the higher Force.

“This is the true attitude and only those who can take and keep it, preserve a faith unshaken by disappointments and difficulties and shall pass through the ordeal to the supreme victory and the great transmutation.”

Sri Aurobindo,