Divine Shakti Replaces Personal Effort In the Yogic Process

As the personal effort of the yoga yields results, the transition to a new standpoint comes to the forefront. Sri Aurobindo describes the change: “In proportion as the surrender and self-consecration progress the Sadhaka becomes conscious of the Divine Shakti doing the Sadhana, pouring into him more and more of herself, founding in him the freedom and perfection of the Divine Nature.”

The reversal of the consciousness from the basis of the lower nature and the ego means that the individual begins to experience the deeper truth that there is a universal Force that acts and the individual is the occasion, a nexus or hub, through which this Force manifests.

As the process comes out from behind the veil it can lead to a faster and more certain progress: “The more this conscious process replaces his own effort, the more rapid and true becomes his progress.”

Sri Aurobindo provides a warning that one cannot entirely abandon the need for personal effort in the yoga: “But it cannot completely replace the necessity of personal effort until the surrender and consecration are pure and complete from top to bottom.”

There are those who attempt to justify a total absence of effort under the excuse that the Divine Force will do everything. Sri Aurobindo disabuses us of this notion as well:

“Note that a tamasic surrender refusing to fulfil the conditions and calling on God to do everything and save one all the trouble and struggle is a deception and does not lead to freedom and perfection.”

Sri Aurobindo,

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