Money and the Supramental Creation

In the final analysis, the money power is really not about any particular individual’s needs, desires or comforts; rather it is about putting to work the “universal force” that money represents as a transformative force in the supramental evolutionary process. Money acts on the physical plane and can thus be used to infuse beauty and harmony into matter. It also acts on the vital plane to move resources where they are needed to support the developments that need to occur. Money, properly applied, can help relieve the enormous suffering caused by oppression, poverty, and imbalances of resource allocations that have plagued mankind throughout history.

The role of the practitioner of integral yoga then is to facilitate the transition of the money power from its corrupted forms to the true role it can play as a power for positive development in the supramental creation:

“In the supramental creation the money-force has to be restored to the Divine Power and used for a true and beautiful and harmonious equipment and ordering of a new divinised vital and physical existence in whatever way the Divine Mother herself decides in her creative vision. But first it must be conquered back for her and those will be strongest for the conquest who are in this part of their nature strong and large and free from ego and surrendered without any claim or withholding or hesitation, pure and powerful channels for the Supreme Puissance.”

Sri Aurobindo,

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