The Universal Divine Mahashakti

The second poise or aspect of the Divine Mother is the universal force of creation. The transcendent contains and provides the ultimate essential meaning. The universal creates the forms and embodies the forces.

“The Mahashakti, the universal Mother, works out whatever is transmitted by her transcendent consciousness from the Supreme and enters into the worlds that she has made; her presence fills and supports them with the divine spirit and the divine all-sustaining force and delight without which they could not exist. That which we call Nature or Prakriti is only her most outward executive aspect; she marshals and arranges the harmony of her forces and processes, impels the operations of Nature and moves among them secret or manifest in all that can be seen or experienced or put into motion of life. Each of the worlds is nothing but one play of the Mahashakti of that system of worlds or universe, who is there as the cosmic Soul and Personality of the transcendent Mother. Each is something that she has seen in her vision, gathered into her heart of beauty and power and created in her Ananda.”

All action, all forms, all powers of creation that manifest in the vast universal existence are the actions of this divine universal Mahashakti.

Sri Aurobindo,