The Conditions for the Action of the Mahalakshmi Aspect of the Divine Mother

Each of the divine Powers has its own conditions and requirements for effective action and manifestation. The power of Mahalakshmi preconditions its action on a receptivity in the environment, hearts and minds in which it is being asked to manifest. Sri Aurobindo provides a clear idea of what is needed:

“Harmony and beauty of the mind and soul, harmony and beauty of the thoughts and feelings, harmony and beauty in every outward act and movement, harmony and beauty of the life and surroundings, this is the demand of Mahalakshmi.”

Mahalakshmi does not remain in an environment where the action or motives are mixed or where the action of love and beauty are being distorted for individual self-satisfaction or aggrandisement. “But all that is ugly and mean and base, all that is poor and sordid and squalid, all that is brutal and course repels her advent. Where love and beauty are not or are reluctant to be born, she does not come; where they are mixed and disfigured with baser things, she turns soon to depart or cares little to pour her richdes. If she finds herself in men’s hearts surrounded with selfishness and hatred and jealousy and malignance and envy and strife, if treachery and greed and ingratitude are mixed in the sacred chalice, if grossness of passion and unrefined desire degrade devotion, in such hearts the gracious and beautiful Goddess will not linger.”

Similarly, those who follow the path of asceticism and avoidance do not provide a welcome environment for her action: “Ascetic bareness and harshness are not pleasing to her nor the suppression of the heart’s deeper emotions and the rigid repression of the soul’s and the life’s parts of beauty. For it is through love and beauty that she lays on men the yoke of the Divine.” Those who believe that spirituality implies renunciation of the richness and beauty of life push away the operation of Mahalakshmi’s power.

For those who find the way to open to this power, however, there is a wonderful opening possible that integrates the spiritual and material into a harmonious Oneness. “Admitted to the heart she lifts wisdom to pinnacles of wonder and reveals to it the mystic secrets of the ecstasy that surpasses all knowledge, meets devotion with the passionate attraction of the Divine, teaches to strength and force the rhythm that keeps the might of their acts harmonious and in measure and casts on perfection the charm that makes it endure for ever.”

Sri Aurobindo,