Don’t Expect Miracles!

It is tempting to the human mind to believe that the Divine Shakti’s action must be extraordinary and miraculous and outside the normal methodology and mechanisms of the world’s functioning. We expect to see divinity in terms of miraculous cures, walking on water, or instantaneous psychological transformations that simply do away with our difficulties.

Sri Aurobindo rebuts this presumption: “Avoid also the error of the ignorant mind’s demand on the Divine Power to act always according to our crude surface notions of omniscience and omnipotence. For our mind clamours to be impressed at every turn by miraculous power and easy success and dazzling splendour; otherwise it cannot believe that here is the Divine. The Mother is dealing with the Ignorance in the fields of the Ignorance; she has descended there and is not all above. Partly she veils and partly she unveils her knowledge and her power, often holds them back from her instruments and personalities and follows that she may transform them the way of the seeking mind, the way of the aspiring psychic, the way of the battling vital, the way of the imprisoned and suffering physical nature.”

The transformational effort needs to be an organic action of natural growth and development. “…the human in us has to be led and prepared to transcend its limits and is too weak and obscure to be lifted up suddenly to a form far beyond it. The Divine Consciousness and Force are there and do at each moment the thing that is needed in the conditions of the labour, take always the step that is decreed and shape in the midst of imperfection the perfection that is to come.”

There is a stage where things can move much more swiftly and effectively, as we overcome the limitations of the mind and the supramental force can begin to act directly on the nature: “But only when the supermind has descended in you can she deal directly as the supramental Shakti with supramental natures.”

It is therefore essential to not be misled by appearances or the limited reasoning and flawed judgments rendered by the mind: “If you follow your mind, it will not recognise the Mother even when she is manifest before you. Follow your soul and not your mind, your soul that answers to the Truth, not your mind that leaps at appearances; trust the Divine Power and she will free the god-like elements in you and shape all into an expression of Divine Nature.”

Sri Aurobindo,

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