Soul Evolution and Physical Evolution, Heredity and Rebirth

Western scientists, starting from the physical world and material energy, eventually reach a point where they cannot go any further in terms of explaining the appearance, development and significance of life and consciousness. As they push against the boundaries of Matter, they are discovering worlds of ordered energy and consciousness.

the ancient Vedic seers and sages concluded long ago that Matter is a subordinate term and that it is the result, not the cause of what is manifesting and evolving. The idea of a soul evolution, utilizing the framework of the Material world and ordered processes of heredity, physical evolution and rebirth, arose from the insights of these sages, and it has the benefit of actually fitting the observable conditions better than the results obtained by the physical scientists of the modern world.

Sri Aurobindo explains: “Here too there is the evolutionary idea, but physical and life evolution, even the growth of mind, are held to be only incidental to a soul evolution of which Time is the course and the earth among many other worlds the theatre. In the old Indian version of this theory evolution, heredity and rebirth are three companion processes of the universal unfolding, evolution the processional aim, rebirth the main method, heredity one of the physical conditions. That is a theory which provides at least the framework for a harmonious explanation of all the complex elements of the problem. The scientific idea starts from the physical being and makes the psychical a result and circumstance of the body; this other evolutionary idea starts from soul and sees in the physical being an instrumentation for the awakening to itself of a spirit absorbed in the universe of Matter.”

Sri Aurobindo,