Rebirth and Soul Evolution

Whether one accepts the idea of a fallen celestial being working out its salvation, or the concept of a mental/spiritual being forming and developing a physical body to inhabit and utilize for its ongoing development, the concept of rebirth appears to be necessary as a mechanism for this development. But neither of these two concepts actually addresses the meaning of the physical world and its structured organization and the apparent evolution of consciousness that appears to be the underlying thread tying all the levels of physical, vital and mental manifestation which we can observe. We do not need to posit such other-worldly solutions, although we also need not deny the possibilities, in order to put the process of rebirth squarely into the center of the development.

It is difficult for any of the “other world” explanations that rely on a single human birth to explain the varying issues, struggles and concerns that we face in the one lifetime.

“A past terrestrial soul evolution sufficiently accounting for these variations and degrees of our mixed being and a future soul evolution that helps us progressively to liberate the godhead of the spirit, seem the only just and reasonable explanation of this labour of a matter-shackled soul which has attained a variable degree of humanity in the midst of a general progressive appearance of the life, mind and spirit in a material universe. Rebirth is the only possible machinery for such a soul evolution.”

Sri Aurobindo,