Implications of the Vaishnava Viewpoint on Rebirth

We have seen the mechanical process of rebirth, and we have reviewed solutions that essentially treat the world as either an illusion or a field of suffering, to be escaped or liberated from. Neither of these solutions proposes any real and positive significance to the human life that we experience in this world of struggle. They each seek a solution that eventually avoids this world. Sri Aurobindo has pointed out that these solutions do not represent the complete key to our existence, and until we find a real significance to our life, we must assume that something is still missing from our understanding.

The Vaishnava path of Hinduism provides the first glimmer of a positive sense to existence, by proposing that life is a divine play of the divine Being and the goal is to manifest and experience that divine Bliss. Sri Aurobindo finds this positive affirmation to be both powerful and insightful. At the same time, he indicates that it has not gone quite far enough: “There is more here in the world than a play of secret delight; there is knowledge, there is power, there is a will and a mighty labour. Rebirth so looked at becomes too much of a divine caprice with no object but its playing, and ours is too great and strenuous a world to be so accounted for.”

Sri Aurobindo,