Birth Of the Spirit Into Form

If the manifestation of the universal creation is one unbroken unity expressing a spiritual evolution of consciousness which is involved in Matter and progressively reveals itself in ever-increasing forms of consciousness, then there is no division or separation of “soul” or “spirit” apart from “matter” or “life”.

Sri Aurobindo refers to the Vedic word: “…out of all the ocean of inconscience…it is that one spiritual Existent who is born by the greatness of his own energy…”

The soul then must always be there, even in the most inconscient forms of Matter, involved, but present, waiting for the preparation of the form required to make itself known and be recognized.

Sri Aurobindo addresses the mystical reality this way: “We come to a fathomless conception of this all, sarvam idam, in which we see that there is an obscure omnipresent life in matter, activised by that life a secret sleeping mind, sheltered in that sleep of mind an involved all-knowing all-originating Spirit.”

“All assumption of form is a constant and yet progressive birth or becoming of the soul, sambhava, sambhuti,–the dumb and blind and brute is that and not only the finely, mentally conscious human or the animal existence. All this infinite becoming is a birth of the Spirit into form. This is the truth, obscure at first or vague to the intelligence, but very luminous to an inner experience, on which the ancient Indian idea of rebirth took its station.”

Sri Aurobindo,